Leyton Cleveley is the founder of Cleveley Dynamic.  Originally from Worcestershire, he relocated to Scotland in early 2000s.  Currently based in Fife, residing with his wife. Outside of Cleveley Dynamic, Leyton has particular interests within film photography.

Leyton has worked within the IT sector since 1995, after obtaining a degree within Computer Science.  Since then, he has developed software within various different industries, including banking and courier systems.  Through these years, he developed experience within International markets, particularly Japan and USA.

In 2007, Leyton formed Cleveley Dynamic to share his IT experience within new and developing sectors, such as the moving industry, online radio infrastructure to assisting local community groups to upgrade their technology needs.  This expanded from software development and web application development into app development, providing IT infrastructure and consultancy.

Leyton comes with over 20 years of experience within the changing IT industry.  Leyton and Cleveley Dynamic can assist your business with your technology needs.