Your business has all the computers are updated and ready to go. But, do they have the right software for your business needs? Can you easily obtain the software without huge expense and complicated licence agreements?

Traditionally, software was purchased for an upfront cost and for business software, typically a monthly cost too. They might limit on how much users could use the software. And updates? You could spend days updating each individual computer – and even then it might crash!

Software as a Service (SaaS) is different. Software is provided to your computer (and smartphone or tablets!) on the cloud. Typically, these are internet based services that allow you to work on the go. Issues with traditional software are gone – updates are provided from the cloud, reducing the risk of crashing computers. Compared to traditional software, the cost of ownership has reduced.

Here at Cleveley Dynamic, we can source or develop a SaaS for your business needs. Our unique experience of these systems allows us to assist your business to get the perfect soultion.